Comparative analysis of the Internet services application in the 2013th as compared to 2011.


This paper presents a comparative analysis of Internet services in 2013 compared to 2011 year. The research focus has been placed on the time position of events – the use of Internet services in one minute. Work is based on research using global computer network services, implemented by Intel (2012), (2014).

The paper presents the variation in the use of Internet services for the period of the one year. The growing presence of multimedia shows a trend of Internet interest in the future, with dominance of multimedia and streaming (such as Live Events, Cinematography, etc.). At the same time, a comparative analysis shows that the interest of Internet users for some, until recently, very popular Internet services decreases, which is understandable, because we live in a dynamic world of change, where one suppresses the other, and where nothing is given and final.


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