Strategic management decisions on e-commerce solutions for small companies, MKSM012


Small companies are gaining a competitive advantage by using the Internet for direct selling and for communication with suppliers, customers, partners, and competitors thus yielding better customer service, greater efficiency, and improved products. The strategic goal is entering into new markets without harming or cannibalizing brick and mortar operations. According to market-data firms, most consumers use the Internet even more than TV. Wrong strategic decisions on how to enter the market using Internet were fatal to many companies. Internet presence is unavoidable question in marketing audit checklist in SWOT analysis and strategic decisions on determine goals and objectives. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs believe that Internet access is impractical, expensive, or unaffordable for small companies. In this paper we present an implementation of ecommerce solution based on open source software. The solution is especial suitable for SME because it is inexpensive and very simple. The importance of implementation different business models and Internet marketing analysis is also presented.


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